Monday, May 12, 2014

Koko Black

Meet the new chocolate kid on the block, opened up in the heart of Rundle mall not too long ago! Koko Black is a popular chocolate house that begun in Melbourne, where I had my first taste of their chocolate tart as seen here back in 2011. Little did I know one would be opening up in Adelaide!

The sister and I were both excited to try out what they have to offer, to which, I did my homework and suss out what I wanted to order. She ordered a dark pistachio and mango and vanilla chocolate piece. Both of them were made of dark chocolate and to sum it up, the filling was too good to be true. I loved the nutty pistachio flavour which had a dense texture whilst the sister preferred the creamy mango and vanilla one. Loved both of them and am looking forward to trying out more variations in the future!

There are two floors to the salon, one being the lower ground floor which is used to display their chocolate masterpieces whilst the upper floor was mainly to accommodate the dine-in patrons.

Dessert degustation ~ At $24, you get a belgium mousse, chocolate alchemy cake, raspberry chocolate mousse, opera gateau and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. It is a quick option if you want to try a bit of everything but don't have the space for it. Going from right to left, the chocolate ice cream was intense and very creamy whilst the opera gateau had a slightly sweeter pick me up hidden within all the various layers it consists of. The raspberry mousse was the tie-breaker to even out the excessive chocolate kick before we proceed to the richer and dense alchemy cake. The mousse piece was a light finish to end the degustation. Overall, I was pretty pleased with this plate and both of us were in chocolate heaven once we stepped out.

Do note that Koko Black only opens when Rundle Mall is opened for trading. A bit sad that it doesn't open for supper but never mind that, one day it might:)

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