Saturday, May 3, 2014

Midvalley Kuala Lumpur food hunt - Little Penang Kafe

Food hopping in Midvalley continues with a quick stop here for some authentic and traditional Malaysian fare. This cafe has been around for the longest time and until today, is still firmly grounded in Midvalley. Proof that it is worthy of a visit.

Diners can choose from having set meals to noodles or rice dishes, whatever makes you happy really. The decor is inspired by the typical kopitiam shops that one can find in the smaller towns in Malaysia. Brings back such wonderful memories:)

Teh tarik aka pulled tea ~ a must have anywhere in Malaysia and the secret is to have a good balance of sweetness from the condensed milk. Too much milk can be disastrous.

Cendol ~ Shaved ice drenched in palm sugar syrup and coconut milk, accompanied by dollops of green coconut custard strands and sweetened red bean. Every country boosts of their own unique dessert creations and this is one of Malaysia's yummy desserts that has been around for years. Another favourite hawker dessert of mine is ais kacang which I will blog about in a separate post. Do not miss the opportunity to have this in Malaysia. Excellent item to have on a hot and humid day.

Homestyle lam mee aka noodles in chicken stock, garnished with shredded chicken, peeled prawns, chives, shallots, spring onions and accompanied by a dollop of chilli paste ~ add the chilli paste to your spicy preference and mix well in the stock. You will taste the difference. One of my must haves here and Little Penang Kafe delivers it well.

Char kuey teow ~ this is a Penang pride and one cannot claim to be associated from Penang without knowing where's the best place to have this. Penangnites are so obsessed over this and of course, have set high standards whenever they prepare this dish. Although this one does not have the same oomph as the ones from Penang, it is still pretty good.

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