Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Midvalley Kuala Lumpur food hunt: Tong Pak Fu

I have been wanting to go here for two years aka since I first heard about it but sadly, nobody was keen on having a sugar filled afternoon session with me. And so, that idea got scratched off from the itinerary until now! If only you could see the joy spread on my face when I found out that I will be heading here for afternoon snacking!

The entire menu consisted of bowls of shaved ice so please do not come here expecting a slice of cake haha. I had a fair share of shaved ice in Taiwan but I was looking forward to trying out the truly Malaysian variations that Tong Pak Fu had.

Shaved durian ice with assorted jellies ~ yums!!!!! We were skeptical about the durian flavour in this and we were not disappointed at all. It had strong durian essence infused in it, with some restraints to ensure that it's not too overpowering. Definitely a good one for the durian fans out there:)

A tease?

Shaved ice cendol with green jellies, macerated red bean and grass jelly with a small cupful of gula melaka syrup! Get ready to drizzle and enjoy this one. I was obviously in sugar heaven after finishing off this bowl. It was so good and resembles the real deal pretty well. Can't complain at all:)

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