Friday, May 30, 2014

Mamak in Chinatown Sydney

One thing I have learnt from living overseas is that home is where the heart will always be. You may drag me across various continentals but I am a true blue Malaysian at heart. I cannot spend a day without my Malaysian accent nor can I break those painfully annoying habits associated with your typical Malaysians (aka a strong passion for food).

On the first night upon arrival in Sydney, we felt game enough to walk to Mamak, an extremely popular Malaysian eatery that has both locals and tourists lining up for Malaysian food. What better place to wind down at close to 11pm than a mamak, notoriously known for their past-midnight opening hours.

We had to queue up for at least 15 minutes before we could get in but service is very efficient and before we realized it, plates were making their way to our table.

Teh tarik aka pulled tea ~ a caffeinated Malaysian favourite that has a decent amount of sweetness in it to cut through the tea flavour. Not too sweet which is a good thing:)

Cendol ~ this bowl of shaved ice has a oodles of fat pandan flavoured "noodles" amidst the shaved ice and brown sugar syrup. Would be a very refreshing summer treat.

Roti canai with dahl and fish curry ~ considering that this is homemade, it tastes reasonably close to home. But I reckon the winner on this plate is that small section of curry and dahl that had the closest taste to home with a decent amount of chilli in it.

Roti planta aka roti with butter filling ~ a sweet supper treat with crunchy borders. Pretty good in my opinion despite not being a strong advocate of roti planta.

Roti tisu with a dollop of vanilla ice cream ~ I was impressed with how the chef prepared this and it is evident that a lot of care was used with shaping it. It was crunchy and had a thin layer of caramelized sugar underneath it which probably added more crunch to it. A highly recommended one to have although it does cost slightly more than the other roti dishes.

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