Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hong Kong: Central explored

Despite returning to Australia a couple of weeks ago, I finally have time to sit down and blog about my recent trip to Japan and Hong Kong..well, Hong Kong first because it was a shorter trip compared to Japan (more on that in separate posts!).

Having been to Hong Kong in 2013, I wanted to revisit familiar sights and to explore a few new eateries that have mushroomed over there.

The Cupping Room ~ coffee is the name of the game and where better to play this game than at The Cupping Room. Coffee costs around $6 and albeit being slightly more expensive than the Australian version, they still did serve an excellent cuppa. Fragrant roasted coffee beans? Check. Feathery light milk foam? Check.

Breakfast was also available but perhaps on another trip - for now, we are on the hunt for smashing Hong Kong fare.

Shirt - Armani Exchange, white skirt - Zara, Shoes - Zara, navy blue hairclip - American Apparel.

When I first visited Central, it was one of the major highlights of my trip..bustling, loud and has a good mix of old and new world paired with different classes of individuals. And I still feel the same about this place 3 years onwards.

L'atelier de joel robuchon ~ We stumbled upon Joel Robuchon's cafe that is conveniently situated in one of the main malls in Central. Coffee was good and we managed to squeeze a cherry pistachio cake into our tummies whilst we utilized the mall's free wifi.

Oh and for those wanting a cheap, delicious sweet fix, head over to Tai Cheong bakery and grab yourself a warm egg tart. Buttery soft tart crust that holds one of the smoothest and bright yellow custard mix I have laid my eyes on. Gone in less than a minute. Life is good

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