Wednesday, May 11, 2016

McDonalds around the globe

I have been wanting to blog about my visit to McDonalds for the longest time and finally managed to find time to do so today..noting that I am currently in the mood for junk food aka comfort food on a wet and cold night :p

Truth to be told, I was a chubby kid back in my adolescent years and once I got into college, I started paying attention to what I eat and slowly cut back on all the unhealthy food. Eventually, I lost weight but I have lost the joys from eating. Yes, I was that girl who would jump on the weighing scale a few times a day just to check my weight.

That was an unhealthy era for me and I can't bring myself to do that anymore. These days, I am pretty consistent with what I eat although there are times I can't be bothered to feed myself (rarely!). This will be an unhealthy blog post but remember, it's boring to follow a routine all the time and as long as you are eating consistently well on the other days, you're allowed a cheat day;)


Barcelona ~ we did not see any limited edition Spanish burgers whilst were there. However, we did note that the buns are different.

Paris ~ Ah the city of lovey dovey treats noted and again, the buns were shaped differently.

Krakow ~ so my mcflurry addition still stays with me despite ageing. From memory, they were breakfast cereal versions. Still the same soft serve vanilla ice cream used:P


During my recent trip to Japan and Hong Kong, I made a conscious effort to read the menu and scout for hidden gems.

Hong Kong ~ we have chicken boxes here that includes chicken nuggets, mini chicken drumsticks and chicken wings. Little chicken drumsticks reminded me a little of KFC's version.

Now the real reason I actually visited McDonalds in Hong Kong... taro soft serve!! I love my tubers and this was no exception. Not yam-my textured at all and has a very subtle hint of taro.The sister aka non-taro-fan didn't mind it at all:) We weren't too hungry that day else would have gotten the sundae too!

In terms of pricing, there was little variation. Trust McDonalds to not give your wallet a heart attack.

This picture was taken back in 2013 and yes, it is still available in Hong Kong. Taro pies for taro fanatics. Verdict? Piping hot and oozing with taro goodness.

Japan ~ the sister and I were starving on a cold night in Kyoto and could not be bothered to venture too far out into the unknown..which led us to our trusty friend.

Teriyaki beef burger ~

Ebi burger ~ silly me only remembered ebi meant prawn after I bit into it. Reminded me of a fish burger but a prawn version, of course. Crispy on the outside and plenty of ebi bits in the patty.

Shake shake chicken ~ reminded me of the famous Taiwanese hot star's fried chicken. Glorified with cheddar cheese. Found this a little too salty to my liking:/

Hokkaido is known for their dairy and boy was I excited to be able to get a little snippet of the region during my trip. In McDonalds, that is. Extremely creamy milk custard wrapped in perfectly cooked puff pastry. Oh so divine and a must try in Japan:)

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of McDonalds from Malaysia and Australia to share:( Such as shame as I must have visited these outlets more than 10 times throughout my life. I will endeavour to do so the next time I pop by and update this page:)

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