Saturday, October 8, 2016

Aug - Sep mobile uploads: fruit/vege bowls, ice cream and ramblings

This is a massive throwback blogpost for the August's mobile upload edition. I have been extremely preoccupied and completely missed the deadline. Fast forward, I have also missed the September version. Such is life.

As most of you may be aware, I have been trying hard to stick to a clean eating diet and have stuck to using my one bowl method for portion control. There were a few ups and down moments as you may see from the following pictures - I am trying to find a balance between my old and new eating habits.

I love my fruit smoothie bowls topped with granola and oats but let's be real - there's way too much sugar from the fruit and granola, in it to be considered a healthy and filling meal. It does fix my sugar cravings but not a substantial habit for sure.

My veggie bowl proved to be a much more satisfying feed. I have my usual avocado and spinach at the side and the last veggie to go in depends entirely on what's on season and what I feel like having. Kale, mushroom, cauliflower and the newest experimentation with capsicum.

Bonus points for being able to use different marinades and seasonings for the chicken.

Was down with a cold and decided on increasing my vitamin C and antioxidant intake so voila, a blueberry smoothie with grapes and granola.


Also tried making a smashed avocado topping with eggs, avocado and blanched spinach. Served atop a cruskit but I ended up crushing the cracker into smaller pieces and tossing it into the avocado mix.

Canned tuna is another great alternative to chicken breast although I would think twice about microwaving it due to its fishy scent. Fishy taste can be eliminated by squeezing a bit of lemon on top. Oh and don't forget to add freshly cracked pepper and salt for seasoning:)

I was craving for croque monsieur and decided to make it at home using freshly baked croissants from Agathe patisserie. Bechamel sauce made from butter, flour and milk. Spread evenly in a halved croissant before stuffing it with a decent cut of ham. Bake for 10 minutes at 140C. Delicious.

Rekindled a love for reading. Not too sure if the Little Paris Bookshop was suitable for me but oh wells, did remind me about my French trip.

Money bags are beancurd skins stuffed with meat/seafood filling. Is this an Australian thing or am I missing something from my heritage?

Striped top - ZARA, skirt - Topshop, Trench coat - Topshop, red scarf - vintage, Shoes - Adidas. Classics to stick by when one is short on time or can't be too bothered to browse in the closet.

After a stressful week, I needed a treat. Hence a carrot cake muffin for breakfast before heading to work on Saturday.

Connoisseur ice cream on special in the supermarket. Time to stock up for summer?

Always had a fancy for Starbucks and Gloria Jean's, probably because it was something I wanted as a teen but never did due to how costly it was back in Malaysia. Still get the same goosebumps whenever I enter any of their outlets and cheesecake always seems to be the flavour of the day when that happens.

Working in retail has its perks in the form of free samples.

The best stabilizing sneakers around.

My favourite picks from French Connection's spring campaign.

Tested this out and true enough, it was chewy and verging on the softer side of the scale.

Minion days.

Ending this post with my recent lot in the form of Connoisseur's most popular ice cream flavour - matcha.

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