Monday, October 17, 2016

Time Out Fed Square Cafe, CBD MELB

I have been successful in my attempts at heading to the gym on a constant basis and couldn't be prouder of my achievement. There were moments in the past where I have been very much involved but soon after, the fire eventually burnt off and I am back to square one.

I did ponder on potential reasons as to why my body couldn't keep up and realized that I have not been refueling myself well. Not a breakfast person nor a person who counts my calories, I failed to note my lack of daily protein intake that spiraled into this never ending cycle of binge eating - crash diets.

To all my exercise junkies, please do not skip meals at all - you have no idea how important it is to eat the right meals at the right time. I do go out to eat every now and then and am making a conscious effort to choose healthier options:)

Chai latte - I know every cup of caffeine is loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar but I am not ready to give up my morning cuppa. Will rather work more in the gym:)

Eggs benedict - portion was a bit flat and kinda looked like something I could easily whip up at home. For $19, I doubt I will be reordering this again, knowing that I can get better fare elsewhere.

Chips - can't go wrong with crisp chips that are not overly salty.

Warm roast pumpkin salad - I liked how there's a variety of greens on my plate but again, was disappointed - this time by how soggy the veggies were and the entire dish lacked creativity. Again, something I could have easily whipped up from home:/

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