Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar, CBD MELB

I am slowly developing a fondness for simple food done well thereby showcasing the best of each ingredient used. The Japanese seem to have mastered this skill and have fueled me well with their creations, much to my delight.

This is the second time I have been here, a week after the first. I was very impressed by my first  visit here as I felt that dishes prepared were quite authentic and the atmosphere reminded me heavily of a traditional izakaya one would find in Tokyo. Also good to note that there are Japanese customers dining in.

Space is limited here so don't be surprised if you are seated close to a stranger but hey, everyone is in their own relaxed zone and hardly notices each other.

Potato salad - our complimentary appetizers while we waited for our other dishes to arrive.

Edamame - I found this ones to not be as soft as compared to the ones served at other restaurants. Has a good bite to it and not overly salty.

Deep fried squid - The Japanese have tactfully presented what may sound like a sinfully greasy consumable into a delicate, crisp treat. The coating around the squid had a lovely golden brown hue and batter wise, it was thin enough to give it a crisp finishing. Would have liked more!

Sake - another plus point of this restaurant is that it doubles up as a mini drinking outlet for customers who love their sakes and plum wines as much as I do. Not a lot to choose from although it does make it all the more easier to streamline what we were after. Tasting sets are highly recommended if you are wanting to sip a bit of everything.

Salmon miso soup - generous amount of greens incorporated into this homemade miso soup.

Tempura with chilled soba - I love my noodles and seeing as the weather is beginning to heat up, I have opted for chilled soba. Hot soba dishes are also available on the menu and did look very tempting. Tempura was fried to golden perfection whilst still retaining a little solid bite, especially on the hard veggies used such as capsicum and broccoli.

Soba noodles were amazing - prepared al dente and goes well with the dipping sauce. I would suggest heading down here to try them out as it is a little hard to describe.

Salmon soba noodles - another dish that I had my eyes on. I am currently a big fan of salad dishes and loved how this one was presented with copious amounts of veggies with seared salmon and dressed in soy sauce. Refreshing, light and healthy!

Overall, I would definitely head down here again. Price wise, it is affordable for what you get and service is worth a mention too. Third visit coming up soon:)

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