Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Richmond Oysters, Glen Waverley MELB

I have never been a fan of seafood for as long as I remember as I can barely tolerate fishy odours or the thought of having to work my way around fine bones to get a decent feed. My parents would be familiar with this picky habit of mine and often enough, resort to punishing me should I reject my meals.

But as some of my close friends would have noted, I have been leaning towards seafood dishes when I dine out simply because I don't get enough of it in my diet at all. Am gladly, not as picky with seafood although the once off fishy aroma can still get on my nerves at times.

At Richmond Oysters, all my seafood fears are overshadowed by how fresh the seafood served here are - yes, no fishy or slimy textures at all! Having been to their Richmond branch before, I have since fallen in love with their concept of serving good quality items. And now there's a new branch just around the corner from where I am woohoo.

Sashimi - pickled ginger, wasabi, soy, salad served with an assortment of sashimi. Loved how the wasabi taste was not too overpowering for the delicate salmon, tuna and kingfish flavours. Perfectly balanced with a touch of acidity from the salad. A brilliant way to kick start our meal.

Angasi oysters - one of the may seafood produces that I cringe at for the fact that depending on what type and where it comes from, it sometimes can be very fishy for my liking. However, I didn't mind the bold, coppery flavours from these Tasmanian farmed oysters. Strangely moreish and for me, 3 to 4 pieces would do as they can be quite rich! Not easy to find these in restaurants or even the markets at all.

Paella with chorizo, chicken,tiger prawns and local marinara - cannot fault this paella at all. Love the subtle saffron flavours that compliments the seafood taste very well. Rice was cooked to perfection too:)

Bloody mary linguini - a specialty only available at the Glen Waverley branch and one that I would highly recommend. Abundant of seafood pieces tossed together with the linguini and dressed with a light tomato based sauce that has a slight hit of chilli in it. Absolutely delicious and worth a try:)

Dessert comprised of an assortment of fruit in the form of a sorbet, freeze dried and freshly sliced. A very refreshing way to cleanse your palate.

Gaytime served with fairy floss - saw this little number heading to another table and immediately wanted one for myself. The honey comb flavoured ice cream was covered in a salted caramel sauce and sprinkled with crushed malteses. Could not have asked for a more indulgent way to end a perfect meal.

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