Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express, Chadstone MELB

Have always been a fan of the Dainty Sichuan franchise and can not stop raving about it to family and friends. Yes, some may find the food served here extremely spicy but rest assured, there are non-spicy options available!

Another one of my favourite places to head to is Chadstone shopping mall and now that the renovation is 90% complete, I am glad to know that there are a lot more dining options for customers, something much needed.

Only downside is how extremely busy it can be during meal times and I do hope eventually, the little shop would have Eftpos facilities.

Braised chicken with mushrooms noodle soup - simply delicious and this is one of the recommended non-spicy options to go for.

Chilled spicy chicken - when hot and spicy meet, it often spells disaster but when cold and spicy meet, it may be the opposite. Albeit dripping in oil, I love how well seasoned the chicken meat was and not too spicy to my liking. Would have liked more meat as opposed to bones though.

Stewd pork hock - a little congealed after being left alone while I tucked into my bowl of noodles - be sure to down this first next time. Flavourful but again, has too many bones for my liking.

Pork bits with noodles - a spicy option that is suitable for those who love nibbling on the less popular parts of the pig. Has a strong scent to it and definitely not for the weak.

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