Saturday, October 8, 2016

Let's Bab, Chadstone MELB

I have been more engaged in physical activities lately, namely bodycombat classes all thanks to a friend's suggestion. This can be a rather strenuous exercise and one that I did struggle with initially. After a few classes, I my coordination skills and endurance had increased - makes me glow with pride when I more definition around my thighs and arms hehe.

Only downside to this new addiction would be having to eat appropriately else may not have enough energy to complete each rep. I can begin to feel hungry within 30 minutes post exercise and often times, have to ensure that my meals are timed adequately.

After a rather late-ish class on Monday, I headed to a nearby Korean restaurant for a quick fix. Got to love the undeniably quick services at most Asian outlets.

Honey soy chicken wings - sweet and crisp, perfect for snacking on while waiting for the mains to arrive.

Japchae - I love noodles and this is no exception, especially when it is loaded with an assortment of veggies. A little soupy to my liking but tasty nonetheless. All main dishes comes with a bowl of soup and a few miniature side dishes, mostly pickled items.

Mandu - the Korean version of dumplings. Pan fried to crisp perfection and has a decent serve of filling. A little pricey for a few pieces though.

Bimbimbap - I love how this Korean dish is akin a healthy macro bowl, filled with a wide array of veggies. Was a little disappointment that there's only about a tablespoon of meat on the side. Not quite enough to compensate for my much needed protein intake :(

Overall: cheap fix at decent servings. Not somewhere I will head to for good Korean fare but for the convenience, why not.

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