Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gold Leaf, Burwood East MELB

Curious to test out Mr.WL's Cantonese, we decided on an afternoon yum cha session at a nearby restaurant. For one, I never did doubt Mr.WL's speaking skills but I was highly amused from listening to him converse in Cantonese with the waitresses, throwing in a few cheeky comments along the way too. Secondly, it was the perfect place for 3 peeps to have lunch as most of the dishes come in threes.

Like any other yum cha establishment, the waitresses push around trolleys that have been loaded with an assortment of delicacies, some fried or baked and some steamed. For a 1.30pm session, the dim sum carts moved pretty efficiently and our empty plates were cleared rather quickly.

Har gao aka prawn dim sum - pastry skin was a tad thick but the prawn filling was good nonetheless. Probably one of the biggest har gaos I have laid my eyes one. Impressed I was.

I am not sure what is this called in Cantonese but it was akin a prawn and pork mixture stuffed into beancurd skin prior to being deep fried. Did not mind it at all although would have liked it to be a bit warmer.

Dumplings - cravings satisfied despite having to munch through the thick pastry skin. Plus sized dumplings they were.

Siu mai aka pork dumplings - at this stage, I was getting filled from all the plus sized dim sum dishes but still hungry to taste more.

Char siew bao - loosely translated as barbecued pork buns, this is still one of my must have staples at any yum cha meal. Well marinated filling :)

Chee cheong fun with prawns - delicious :)

I love steamed buns and was happy with the sweet buns served here. Had two different types of fillings, possibly mung bean and lotus paste, and both were equally yummy. A must have in my books :p

Egg tart - the only way to end a yum cha meal. Pastry was a little thick but was compensated by the delectable filling that is slightly warmed.

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