Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jan-Feb: Food bowls and hauls

After tracking when I last did a mobile upload entry, it dawned on me how much I have slacked. And I did note it in the last mobile upload entry too. Oh where did the time go but never mind, I shall make up for the lack of updates by attempting to compile 2 months worth of entries in this post.

Roast duck dinner made by the sister - tedious it was to carve a duck but could have been a less painful process if only it didn't have a pungent aroma of spices on it. The sister clearly had outdone herself.

What a daily meal looks like, minus a piece of fish.

New soft toy to protect my sister from my karate kicks at night.

What a fancy dinner bowl looks like. If only beef had a higher protein content than chicken breast.

Okonomiyaki - one of my favourite Japanese dishes to make and one that I will never get tired of.

Have stuck to a 6 times a week gym regime and never looked back since. A lot more stronger than yesterday despite cursing every leg workout I come across.

Fuel - what happens when the sister and I go grocery shopping. We load ourselves with carbs and a lot of sugar. I love TipTop's brioche raisin toast.

Before heading back to Malaysia for a well deserved break with family.

Tim Tam x Gelato Messina - the first two flavours I have bought. Coconut and lychee was good although the artificial lychee taste was evident. Salted caramel and vanilla was a no-brainer choice and one that is constantly recycled in the pool of flavour combinations.

Weekend drinks - yep. Why not.

My ideal lunch bowl filled with veggies and tofu.

Why I am $1000 poorer :( Poor iphone 5 of mine gave up after fighting a losing battle against water.

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