Sunday, March 5, 2017

Product review: ProChef butter flavour spray

Being on a healthy food kick, I try to avoid or reduce using oil, sugar and salt in my cooking but often times, this is almost impossible to achieve without resorting to boiling the ingredients in a pot of water.

I can eliminate the need for sugar and salt in my food, not oil as it prevents whatever I am cooking from getting burnt at the bottom, resulting in unnecessary cleaning afterwards. A representative from ProChef had kindly mailed me a couple of butter flavoured canola oil cans to try out at home which I have been using ever since.

For a start, excessive usage of oil can be avoided as one pump is sufficient to cover the base of a medium sized pan or pot. Boosting an inviting butter aroma, I cannot help but feel like I am indulging in my all time favourite sinful essence without the added calories.

As most of us know, these type of canisters are highly flammable and I would suggest not storing it too close to the cooking station and when spraying over a hot pan, to ensure that a decent distant is adhered to.

I have made teriyaki chicken using this oil and surprisingly, the buttery scent from the oil did not rub on the chicken but gave the veggies (which was cooked in a separate pot) a subtle aroma. I have then concluded that when using bolder aromatics or flavours, the butter scent would not interfere in the overall dish's flavour.

Was craving for some potato wedges and voila, got my wedges covered in a bit of oil before sending them into the oven. Now to wait until summer comes around again before I can use it on the barbeque :p

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