Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Phoenix Soars, Doncaster East MELB

A quick check on a friend who's recently involved in a car accident followed by a drive to Doncaster to feed said friend. Hopefully, to shake off any unsettled nerves and assess any lurking health damage.

Bookings are essential here, especially on weekends. If not, outdoor seating is always available, depending on convenience. Service is quite efficient as well, a bonus to consider at most Asian eateries.

Assorted roast meat - The roast meat here were delicious aka crisp, juicy and succulent. Roasted pork meets barbecued pork meets roasted duck. Sorry, no chickens allowed on the plate :p

I can't recall the name of this dish but it was akin a claypot with tofu and roasted pork. Very flavourful and sauce was thickened with the right consistency of cornflour, a feat that many Asian restaurants fail to master. Could have easily polished off the entire dish myself but decided to reserve some room for the other dishes.

Diced seafood, dried scallops and egg white fried rice - I love fried rice dishes despite knowing that it's not good for me. This one sits comfortably on my list of favourite food finds and one that I am craving for at the moment. Fried rice was not overly greasy and has a lovely fragrance to it. Again, could have easily polished off the entire plate but I hesitated. Probably not next time tho!

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