Tuesday, March 7, 2017

So Pho So Good, Glen Iris MELB

Feeding myself with fresh and nutritious food is utmost important to me lately and often times, hard to accomplish when dining outside, especially non-salad friendly restaurants or cafes. So Pho So Good's owner Leo takes great pride in ensuring that his food is made without added preservatives and flavouring, a feat and claim that is hard to match these days.

The shop's interior,from the floors to the tablets and walls are kept tidy and cleaned on a regular basis. Something about this place gave me a sense of relaxation.

Nuoc da chanh - homemade Vietnamese iced lemonade. A refreshing number that has a good punch of acidity.

Fresh whole coconut - what's not to love about the health benefits from slurping up coconut juice?

Bo tai chanh aka rare beef salad - Although labelled as rare, the meat was a cross between rare and medium. Absolutely loved how fresh this dish was, every single ingredient still had a lovely crunch and vibrancy to it. Highly recommended.

Broken rice with lemongrass beef - one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes and this was recommended by Leo after knowing how much we loved broken rice dishes. The meat was tender and heavily perfumed by the lemongrass, something I have never had before. Best part was the chicken broth that we ordered along with it. It was very flavourful, rich and most importantly, not lashed with MSG. Broth dishes here are a must have and I can safely say yes, you can slurp up every single drop of broth.

Vietnamese banana ice cream - a traditional snack that Leo grew up with. Banana, chopped nuts and coconut cream are the core ingredients here. A light snack and perfect way to end a delicious meal.

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