Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home part 1

Good homecooked food at last after sooo many months away:) Dad's an awesome cook which is why staying in for dinner is THE best treat one could wish for.

Vinegar pork trotters~one of my childhood dishes which never did change after all those years. Sweet dish with hints of sour-ness from the vinegar~

Moderately fried fish with soy sauce~simple yet delicious:)

Yee mee~something that I look forward to every year. Love love nibbling on the mushrooms and chicken pieces:)

Here's a lil cooking I did using a Chinese New Year delicacy, nian gao, which literally means climbing the ladder each year. No yam or sweet potato used (but usually got la)this time due to unforeseen circumstances~

Pancake nian gao:

Eggs and flour

Add milk to make batter and stir till batter's smooth

Smooth batter!:)

The nicely cut squares nian gao

Melt butter in hot frying pan to achieve a slightly salty aftertaste

Dipped nian gao in batter and frying~

Almost ready


Cooked nian gao should melt in the mouth but must be consumed within a day otherwise it'll get chewy:(


Albert said...

not bad. Yummy. *likes*

Michelle said...

Hehe arigato^^