Friday, December 10, 2010

Out and about 1

My journey today started with a familiar walk to my high school, a place where I've learnt heaps in terms of knowledge as well as personal relationship issues:)

The view from outside~brings back such fond memories:)

My school's name plate~

After arriving at Midvalley megamall, the boy and I window shopped for a few hours before my heels drained my entire energy supply>< Not much sale going on so far but am hoping for good sales at nice timings hehe.

Thomas Sabo's shop~such pretty (and expensive!) charm links..maybe in 2013?:)

The Warung, Midvalley

The kitchen/main counter~

The yummy selection of kuih muih~a little more expensive than your average malay stall but I can assure you that there is a quality difference:) I can't remember the names of the above kuih but I like the green one with rice:) The middle one's not too bad and the currypuff is alrite~

A different view~

Teh tarik ice served alongside nasi lemak~ teh tarik's ok, a little diluted and less sweeter than the normal mamak one's.

Nasi lemak accompanied with slices of boiled egg, cucumber, anchovies, peanuts and sambal~yum yum^^

Roti canai~not bad! A crispier version of the normal mamak ones but overall excellent:)

Rotiboy's signature bun~ coffee flavoured topping with butter's strong aroma can lure customers from different backgrounds so beware!!:D

Haagen Daaz ice cream

The lovely variety of cakes~~must try before I go back to Aus (after I lose 10kg? lol..)

A couple of haagen daaz staff members took a picture of us in exchange for a chance to win a luxurious outing and coupon for a free scoop of ice cream with a minimum purchase of RM35

Fresh milk at cold storage!! Who says there's no cows in malaysia?xD

Hokkaido Ichiba, The Garden's Mall

The selection of liquors available at the mini market next to the dining area. Shooo cute!!:)

The unique wall made of boxes wrapped in japanese motif cloth..soo tempted to pull out one~

Me: snap snap snap
The boy: Does this shirt make me look fat?

Garlic fried rice~yuzu's japanese restaurant serves a much better version of this dish but overall it's not too bad for a first timer (like myself keke)

Wasabi shaped leaf~for deco?:D

Salmon sashimi set, RM36~ fresh salmon sashimi served with mashed potatoes, rice, miso soup, chawan mushi and fruits:) Not a bad deal for dinner!:)

Tempura and sashimi set, RM42~ prawn and vege tempura served with tuna, salmon and kingfish sashimi; rice; chawan mushi; miso soup and fruits. Sooo full after eating all this! Kononnya someone supposed to help me makan...

Really fresh sashimi pieces:) Nice colours, rite?

The tempura center piece~

The side dishes~ chawan mushi's niceeee:)

Dim Sum, Jalan Ipoh

Dim sum literally means touching one's heart in Cantonese. These petite snacks are usually a breakfast staple in Hong Kong and perhaps Guangzhou but this may not apply in Malaysia or Singapore as it can be consumed anytime of the day:)

Siew mai, fishballs (my bro's fav and hence, the amount we ordered), stuffed bitter gourd, chee cheong fun~wasn't too hungry but had a nibble here and there just for kicks after knowing that I've passed third year (woot~)

A closer view of the chee cheong fun (prawn filling enclosed in thin flour sheets)~ a light snack for people whom are following a strict diet:)

For the first time in my blog, I admit to eating all these on the same day but at different times.. think I've gained 3kg? But at least I passed my 3rd year exams? Wheee:D

I'm sooo thankful to God for blessing me throughout my pharmacy exams. I finally understood that although I may not excel as well as I did in high school, I did balance out with my improved personal relationships with others. I have really close and caring friends who are just awesome. I love them sooo much for all they've done during my stay in Adelaide. I am also happy with my more stable and steady relationship with the boy:) God's been so kind to me, I only wish I could serve him better:)

I do hope that He'll give me a chance to help stray animals as seeing them searching for mere scraps and being laughed at just breaks my heart:'( Call it karma but I just cannot tahan..wish there's something I could do to help..**sigh** SPCA please please find good homes for our dear friends and dear government, please provide more funds to SPCA so that they won't have to euthanize rejected animals..


Albert said...

lets go for more dim sum @ my place. I cfm u will like the one here! apparently chefs are from HK! MUST try!!!

Michelle said...

Ahhhhh good good coz i didnt eat much tat time^^ p.s: am still full from yesterday hehe