Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Out and about 2: Taipan!

Ahh..life couldnt get any better..after a much distressed morning, it's time to simmer down with some good ol'Subang meals:)

Coconut juice and sugarcane juice~

The most sought after pan mee, MYR4~I like the generous amounts of toppings added. The soup and chilli sauce were just perfect:)

Chilli pan mee, MYR5.50~warning, only for the strong ones..heaps good but caution with the amount of chilli added

The dumplings~not bad, soup's really hot so beware~

My life flashing before my eyesT^T

Boom I go lol

Lorong seratus tahun (100 year old street)~recognized for their near identical replication of Penang's all time favourites. Char kuey teow here uses chicken so it's definitely halal for the Malay visitors (got Malay staff members also so no worries:)

The interior decor~

A good serving of cendol to cool me down after the fiery hot pan mee~

Mamak roti tissue drizzled with condensed milk~sinful treatO_O"

Roti canai with dahl and curry~

Maggi mee cooked with a variety of spices~yummy

Alas, some camwhoring pics after visiting a VERY customer friendly boutique in Taipan. I like how the staff diligently (or tirelessly) do their best to ensure that customers leave satisfied:)

Yea strips!! I love my strips and am always on the lookout for more zebra clothes^^

An attire recommended by my friendly shop assistant~ I actually liked the entire combination but the material quality of the tops are a bit not suitable for me. Jeans worn is awesome. Do you like it? I do (which was why I ended up buying it wahahaha)~

Last camwhore pic in this blog post..should I dye my hair brown after it grows really long? Hmmm?:P


Albert said...

haha lol. you have tasted one of the best d lers. next time we go for others oki>? dont dmg ur hair lahs.

Michelle said...

Haha..fried rice next? Kinda craving for some now^^

Albert said...

fried rice theres a few shops I do know, will bring u there ba :) lookin forward for tmr first. haha