Monday, February 3, 2014

Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate

Adelaide's been cruel to us these past few days with its burning hot summer days and boy, were we glad to have a much needed cold summer day. Weather was at a maximum of 28C and a minimum of 14C which prompted us to head to the beach whilst we still can wiggle out of the house!

I have not visited Glenelg in such a long time, no idea why the lack of trips though. Perhaps due to work and the fact that I can get my chocolate and waffle fix at nearby cafes? Why am I so lazy?

Bracegirdles used to be THE place to go to ever since I stepped in back in 2010. And I recalled wanting to go back in a week's time because I was simply addicted to their waffles. I did not have much exposure to authentic chocolate pieces aside from the commercialized Cadbury, Kit Kat and Lindt chocolates so having a really good chocolate dessert back then was a huge wake up call for me.

At the moment, Bracegirdles houses a very pretty selection of chocolates on display as well as some bags of chocolates that you can easily convert into fondues and for baking masterpieces. Oh and did I mention that they are currently having some Valentine chocolates on offer?

Hot chocolate ~ delicious and warm chocolate drink for a cooler day.

Caramel chocolate tart ~ a new addition to Bracegirdles list of desserts and one which I happily tried out. Looks too good to resist and it was surprisingly not too rich for my liking. Velvet-y smooth chocolate goes well with a slightly savoury caramel filling. Thumbs up!

Belgian waffles ~ the piece de resistance. My all time favourite, must have dish here anytime of the year. I love their freshly prepared, warm waffle which has small lumps of sugar dispersed in it. Dip it in the pot of melted milk chocolate, add a small swish of vanilla ice cream and a small piece of strawberry and you have Aphrodite on your fork. So so good and so much chocolate to finish off! Yummz!

So what are you waiting for? Ps, they do have iced drinks to help quench your thirst during the hotter days:)

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