Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Life Modern Organic Pizza

Pizzas always remind me of good companion and good ambience. Hence, it was no surprise that the siblings and I decided to have a couple of pizzas as a post-Chinese New Year celebration and for some quality family time. We were fortunate enough to be seated anywhere based on our preference (we choose outdoor as the weather was lovely) but be warned as it may get crowded on weekends!

We may be a little under-dressed in our thongs and shorts as the restaurant had a very posh vibe to it. Nevertheless, the friendly waiting staff made us feel at home as we nested ourselves among the other diners. The menu is fairly decent and we were able to narrow down our choices quickly.

Be mindful that the pizzas here would cost more than your average take away pizza shop as the pizzas are gourmet type of pizzas. Probably not something to have after getting smashed in the pub (not unless you are loaded!). Good pizzas require good companion to help cultivate that relaxed atmosphere, which is probably what you want after a tiring day or to celebrate!

Barossa ham with apple chutney ~ The chef was generous with the portions of ham and I wished we had ordered a bigger size! The semi sweet and sour apple chutney went really well with the meaty taste of the ham.

Free range roasted duck with shittake mushroom and spring onion ginger jam ~ The duck was well marinated prior to being incorporated on the pizza but for me, I find that the onion ginger jam was a tad too overpowering. Perhaps I have taken in a large portion of it with my slice of pizza?

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the quality of the food as well as the friendly service provided. I would certainly drop by again in the future to try out their other pizzas as all of them sounds pretty tempting to me:)

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