Saturday, February 15, 2014

Burger Addiction

Having visited quite a few burger joints over the past year (refer to side link labelled burger), I am increasingly curious as to when will this phase mellow down, just like the number of dessert cafes mushrooming around Adelaide. There is not one burger cafe that I cringe at nor is there one that I feel is superior to the rest. Each of them have their own unique flair in terms of taste and flavour combination.

I have always wanted to try this place since I heard about it late last year but due to time restrictions, this was not possible. However, now that I have more time on hand (and a food sidekick), it made all the difference. First up, it is located in Rundle Place's food court, right near the escalator. Can be pretty busy during lunch hours but rest be assured that food will still be served within 5-10 minutes.Beef burgers costs $10 whilst chicken, pork and vegetarian costs about $9. Throw in a serve or fries or a canned drink if you like.

The brother ordered their Rhapsody, blue cheese with pecan beef burger. which was very yummy. He was very pleased with this unique flavour combo, quoting that you do get what it says on the menu, unlike some places. Lettuce pieces and tomatoes were fresh and not soggy at all. Bun was nicely toasted:)

Irresistible bliss beef burger ~ sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese, garlic aioli..a classic flavour mixture which complements the beef taste very well. Oozing cheese gets my approval.

Shotgun wedding beef burger ~ chitpotle peppers, whiskey BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, chitpotle aioli.. I tend to lean towards spicy food and of lately, have been exploring this notoriously spicy chitpotle term. Not overly spicy but still has a nice kick to it and having those slices of tomato in it just cools everything down.

One thing the brother and I both agree on would be their rosemary shoestring chips which are seasoned to our liking and still crunchy despite being the last item we touch (burgers first!). Do give this a go if you are in the area and are looking for a quick bite!:)

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