Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pho Han

It must have been more than a year since I last visited this place (mainly due to the travelling distance) but I have been too deprived from Vietnamese food for way too long, I reckon. This place is a bit far out of the way, especially if you are driving up from Adelaide CBD but nonetheless, you will be eventually fed at a reasonable price:)

Three bean sweet ~ I have this at just about every Vietnamese restaurant due to my obsession with beans. This one tasted just as good as the other ones that I have tried; very refreshing with a subtle hint of sweetness to it. I  challenge you to attempt mixing this without making a big mess! ;)

Knowing me and my poor menu memory, all I can offer you guys is a description of this dish. It is a crab soup noodle dish that has a few pieces of beef thrown in for added texture. The soup is very viscous and piping hot so be careful not to burn your tongue. Took me a while to down this but gotta admit, the slices of beef went well with the sweetish sour chilli dipping sauce. Not much crab pieces in it so do not expect to get a whole crab swimming in it!

Combination broken rice ~ Another one of my must have Vietnamese dishes. This one did not fail to meet the good standards set out by the other restaurants. Crispy roast pork, pork crackling and right balance of acidity in the sauce. Delicious!

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