Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rundle Spices

As you may have noticed from my previous post, I was wandering around Rundle Street on a warm-ish summer day. Most of the restaurants appear to be packed full of people and being impatient customers, the boy and I decided to head to the nearest restaurant cafe which suited both of our palates. Hence, we ended up in Rundle Spices.

We arrived slightly after 9pm but we still in luck as the restaurant was still taking orders. Having no idea on what to order, we picked a few dishes and hoped that we had struck gold. Service is fast and efficient, they certainly do not make you wait. Prices per dish were slightly more than what we would usually pay for but considering that we are in Rundle Street, no complaints there:)

We ordered a squid entree to test the waters. It was tangy, fresh and a nice kickstart to the next few dishes. Portion wise, it was large enough for both of us.

Deep fried barramundi curry ~ It must have been sometime since I last had fish and so, it was only appropriate to order a seafood dish there and then. The barramundi fillets were beautifully fried and there is more than enough curry to go with our rice.

From memory, this was a bamboo shoot chicken curry dish. It was flavourful and the chef was generous with the portion of vegetables he used in the dish.

Overall, I was a happy diner after that. No disappointments whatsoever except for the weirdo who came through the doors (they had sliding doors and we sat near the window) who tried to convince me to try out his silly 41 megapixels nokia phone because he wanted to test out my camera? Seriously dude? I would not trade my camera for your piece of cigarette smoke infused cellphone. And good luck trying to be a video producer/ photographer lol

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