Monday, September 29, 2014

Bourke Street Bakery Ginger Brulee Tart hints

Having previously attempted this fragile recipe in the past, I was not too keen on having another go at it because...let's just say I do not have enough patience to withstand the entire process. My brulee turned out overcooked at lumpy which was a shame because the flavours were pretty good.

That was about a year ago. Moving on, I've decided to incorporate a lot more patience whilst trialling out the recipe and to my surprise it turned out alright. I've noticed a lot of bloggers sharing this recipe so rather than repost the same thing, I'll share some tips I've picked along the way.

The more the merrier. You want to extract as much flavour as you can from the cardamon, cinnamon and ginger. The overnight process helped tremendously but you can also double or triple the spice quantities or dry roast them to bring out their stronger characters.I broke my spices into smaller pieces (smaller surface area, higher dispersion rate?). That's just my theory.

The cream. Yes, you need to watch over it whilst it's cooking over a pot of boiling water. And keep stirring too while you're at it. A higher flame is not going to do much nor is stirring vigorously going to help either. It will thicken up after 13 minutes but be careful of not turning it into a curdle. I found a bit of curdle at the bottom of my bowl and quickly strained the cream. We want that smooth consistency, right?

Last but not least, I would suggest leaving the tart alone after filling the tart shell with the cream. It will further solidify and so, please make sure you don't overcook it otherwise your entire hour is thrown down the drain. Have fun with it and you will be rewarded:)

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