Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chokolait Emporium, Lonsdale Street MELB

Chocoholics reunite! I am no chocolatier myself (I usually go for supermarket brands like cadbury, kit kat or even lindt whenever I feel the need for chocolate however....I can't say no to visiting a chocolate cafe when the opportunity arises:) A bit of dark chocolate every now and then is good for you and tastes even better when shared:)

This little place is conveniently located in the Emporium mall which makes it a good spot to chill out after a long day of walking around Bourke Street. We did not sample any of their chocolate pieces but instead, opted for a couple of drinks and a pavlova to share. Pavlova was recommended to us by the cashier. We were extremely surprised as we were expecting a chocolate mud cake or pudding to be shoved at us!

Iced chocolate was very decadent despite it costing slightly more compared to other places. However, worth every penny and had no problems slurping it down.

Hot dark chocolate ~ this is purely for diehard chocolate fans out there. I felt as tho I was literally gulping down melted chocolate! It was very rich, creamy and being a dark chocolate drink, it was not overly sweet for my liking. Such a wonderful treat!

Pavlova ~ very rarely do I have pavlovas because 1) I have never met a good one in my entire life before and 2) they are usually overloaded with spoonfuls of sugar. I like my sugar but at times, too much is a no no. This slice of cake was made well aka fluffy light and not overly sweet or cracked and when topped with some cream and strawberries, it was too good to resist. Wouldn't mind more if I could fit it into me:9

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