Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Grand Tofu and Mocha Jo's, Glen Waverley MELB

There are so many perks of living near a food street that is filled with restaurants/ cafes which suits my palate. Firstly, prices are decent which means that excessive splurging (except for special events!) is eliminated and taste wise, worth every penny spent.

I have ventured out to Kingsway for more than a couple of dinners and am never disappointed with what it has to offer. One can choose for Asian cuisine that further categorizes into Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese and Indochina whilst if you prefer something not as traditional, there are a handful of fancier restaurants to go for. My first *cheapskate* pick will always have to be something close to my heart because it leaves a particular satisfaction that is irreplaceable.

I particularly like Grand Tofu as you do get a good range of Malaysian food at around $10/ dish and portion is definitely generous. Having been here at least three times, I constantly find myself ordering something different on every visit to surprise myself:)

Salted fish beehoon noodles ~ I have not had this before but was recommended to give it a go. Noodles had a good tinge of saltiness from the salted fish which then mellows off as it mixes with the vermicelli noodles.

Char kuey teow ~ I prefer this version over the others that I have tried in Melbourne purely because it has that "wet" consistency, making it not extremely dry for the palate but rather, allows for ease of slurping. Has a tiny kick of spiciness for that added zest in life:)

Yong tau foo ~ this is a popular cuisine in Malaysia being a dish that can be shared among many people. An entire bowl of soup will be filled with an array of vegetables that are stuffed with fish paste which then gets cooked in the broth. At Grand Tofu, you have the option of having tom yum, curry or clear broth.

Now, for those of you keen on having something a bit more fancier for a date or for a girls' night out, I would recommend Mocha Jo's. Brilliant atmosphere, friendly staff and everything that came out from the kitchen looked amazing.

Chips with aioli and ketchup ~ chips arrived at our table piping hot and best of all, not soaking in oil. The aioli had a good kick of acidity to it whilst the ketchup brought along a somewhat mild sweetness. Could easily have this whilst chatting with a couple of friends and a cocktail on hand!:)

Sliders ~ mini sliders that are Asian inspired. Too yummy and adorable:)

Sticky date pudding ~ this is the popular dessert choice on the menu. Very decadent and surely not stinging on vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce. Loved every single bite of it and wished it wouldn't stay on my hips.

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