Monday, September 29, 2014

Jalan Alor and Waffee, CBD MELB

Strolling in the city can be both a good or bad thing. Good in a sense that I can explore every nook and corner of the city but equally bad that I will be drawn to temptations. This time round, I walked past what seems to be a Malaysian restaurant and instantly decided to head in.

Pan mee with minced pork ~ good textured noodles and minced pork was well marinated. Always good to order something on the menu when there are so many variations of it.

Fried rice ~ fried rice had a lovely charred taste to it and was seasoned well. Would have liked a bit of spice in it but oh wells, can't complain:)

After strolling further around the CBD area, a quick stop at this popular waffle/coffee hub seemed like a good idea. Sure I can do a waffle takeaway (which costs around $3.80?) but being the tourist that I am, I had to sit in and dine. No regrets though.

Chocolate galore ~ the waffles here are definitely different from the ones I am used to but somehow, they reminded me of a particular waffle that a French colleague of mine made. The waffles were slightly denser in terms of texture and still has the same bread-ish taste to it. I am probably bad at describing it so you'll have to try it out and give me your interpretation.

Tiramisu waffle ~ the friendly cashier recommended this to me and I loved it. The waffle had been soaked with a strong coffee concoction before it got layered with mascarpone cheese, cream and a dollop of coffee ice cream. It is divine and a must try!

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