Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mobile uploads: January- April

It's been sometime since I have last dedicated a blog post on my daily routine and funnily enough, I had to scroll through my blog posts to find out when! Not that I do not like telling you guys what I do in a day but the task of transferring pictures out of my phone into my laptop can be tedious :/

And so, here's a backlog of what I have been up to from February to April. I'll keep my updates for May and June a surprise as I do want to draft up a good article during those months before I publish it;)

I have been having pizza cravings in February and must have tried visited most of the pizza outlets nearby. My favourite by far would still be from Crust. The combination of flavours available are just divine but bear in mind that it may cost an extra $5 in comparison to your average type of pizza.

Ahhh it does remind me of life in college - prowling around at night for supper after cramming our notes or as a cheap meal to fix us up.

I was keen on scouting out Fitzroy and I did on a public holiday. Thankfully there are still some shops opened for business that day so we did not end up starving haha. My mission for that day was to fill myself up with N2gelato and somehow managed to squeeze in a crepe too!

I still have a new packed of Christmas pudding from last Christmas sitting on my kitchen cabinet. Yes, it expires end of this year and no, I did not get tummy issues from eating it. I bought a Jamie Oliver and a Heston Blumenthal version. Verdict? Depending on what you like, Heston's version was a lot more moist and boozy whilst Jamie's stuck to a traditional recipe. Both have their own merits.

Still can not get over how good was this iced coffee from Bagelicious.

Dined at Vapiano with a couple of colleagues and found the interior setup very modern and efficient. Order at the counter with the given "credit card"and the chef will immediately prepare it for you. Before you leave, pass the "credit card" to the cashier who would bring up the total bill from that card.

Chokolait's meringue cake is the best meringue cake I have tasted - not overly sweet and extremely fluffy.

My phone is loaded with selfies. I like to think of it as monitoring my progression haha. Eyeliner - Maybelline, eye shadow - Shiseido, eye brow - Stila, lipstick - Chanel, top - Cue

Testing out the flat picture photography style. I kinda like it.

Ending April with a scrumptious dose of pork belly.

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