Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oldtown White Coffee, CBD MELB

The much anticipated OldTown White Coffee restaurant had finally arrived in Melbourne and being part Hainanese from Ipoh (Hainanese is a type of Chinese dialect known for running kopitiams back in the days), I was very keen on getting my Malaysian fix here.

For those unfamiliar, kopitiams are akin coffee shops that usually serve traditional Chinese brekkies such as soft boiled eggs, toasts with butter and kaya (a pandan infused egg custard) and of course, coffee. These establishments are very popular in Malaysia and much sought for quick and cheap meals.

OldTown White Coffee sachets are commercially available in most Asian grocers and is something that my family usually drink on a daily basis. Now that I have given you a summarized history lesson, let's talk about the food here!

Iced coffee ~ slightly on the stronger caffeine scale with a smooth, creamy after taste.

Toasted bread with butter and kaya ~ not too sure what's the story behind the overall browned bread (the ones served in Malaysia are toasted white slices of bread) but it was satisfying. Sufficient quantity of butter and kaya provided - just the way I like it.

Chicken hor fun ~ this is one of Ipoh's signature dishes that is not to be missed if you are visiting Ipoh. The broth had a pleasant prawn aroma and in terms of portion, it was more than suffice.

Hokkien mee ~ tasted just like the ones back home. Do be warned that the thick soy sauce used to coat the noodles can cause noticeable staining so do be careful when slurping it up. Decent quantities of vegetables, prawn and meat in this dish too.

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