Monday, July 13, 2015

Oriental Spoon Story 2, CBD MELB

Nothing beats a piping hot pot of soup on a chilly winter day. Melbourne's weather is known for being notoriously fickle-minded and winter here can be a bitter experience.

Another good point about consuming out of a pot of bubbling broth is the wonders of sharing. There is a communal feel about it, am I right?

At Oriental Spoon 2, we ordered a kimchi hot pot that comes packed full of vegetables and a decent serving of pork belly. Not forgetting the complimentary cold dishes that are customary at just about every Korean restaurant.

We noted that the hot pot was loaded with vegetables - not a bad thing especially if you like to nom on vegetables like me. Would have liked the broth to have a bit more flavour as it had only a mild taste of kimchi.

Perhaps next time we might jump straight to the barbequed meat section - yet another excellent winter meal option, if you do not mind the after smokey aroma on your clothes;)

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