Monday, July 20, 2015

Tiamo, Carlton MELB

I have lunched at Tiamo back in 2011 and it was a delicious affair that is tricky to replicate elsewhere. Now that I have relocated to Melbourne, just about everything sweet and savoury about Melbourne is within my reach. Including Tiamo.

We rocked up on a Saturday evening and boy, was it packed full of people. There's definitely not enough room to waltz around the restaurant but for the love of food, I was willing to queue for a spot here. Sure enough, our turn came quickly and without much delay, our orders were sent to the kitchen.

Garlic bread ~ the slice of bread was well toasted (no burnt/ charred spots!) and had sufficient butter spread on it. I find that some places serve garlic bread that are literally soaked in butter which can be a tad off putting.

Prosciutto pizza ~ what's not to like about mozarella, prosciutto and tomato sauce? This is a good example of simplicity well executed. The pizza base was crisp, tomato sauce was not overly tart in flavour and the rocket leaves brilliantly freshened up the dish.

Tortellini Tartufo ~ tortellini filled with ricotta, mushroom, cream and truffles. In a nutshell, this was my favourite combination. I love my mushrooms and tortellini/gnocchi type of pasta so this was a bonus for me. Silky smooth cream based sauce that compliments the earthy mushroom flavours well. 

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