Thursday, August 20, 2015

Menya Sandaime and Satu Produk Durian, CBD MELB

Enrolling myself into the work field meant that I have limited time to wander around late at night. Gone are my erratic sleeping days and hello to regular sleep/wake hours that I have been religiously following for some time. And to think an alarm could not wake me up for school back then ha!

And so, when I do find time to sneak out late at night, there is a tendency for me to have a light supper afterwards. Which brought me to this brightly lit, animated atmosphere restaurant that sits along Russell Street.

There was a queue and yes, I was standing in line too! Menya Sandaime is a 24 hour ramen shop that not only serves ramen but also light appetizers such as gyoza and chicken karaage.

Ramen - Al dante noodles, charred slice of pork, bits of veggies all in a slightly heavy broth. By heavy I am referring to the consistency of it. Not bad at all.

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Up next would be something sweet to wrap up the night with. Whilst I liked the Satu Produk Durian's concept, much improvements could be made in execution of the dishes.

Durian crepe cake ~ not too bad but missing out on a few aspects.

This sweet soup with two dollops of durian was one of the most expensive items on the menu. Not something I would order again but if you are feeling adventurous, go for it.

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