Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Shanghai, CBD MELB

In my humble opinion, dumplings can be categorized as a fun dish - easy to share around with friends, comes in a variety of fillings and relatively affordable. Hence, if in doubt, always suggest dumplings.

I chanced upon this place during my never-failing Google search for budget dining in Melbourne and was convinced to give it a go. Yet another reason to visit Emporium in the CBD region.

Packed full at 2pm, we waited for about 15 minutes before our number was called. Blown away by the vast array of choices available, it took us longer than expected to digest the menu.

Drunken chicken - basically chilled chicken soaked in Chinese wine with herbs. A cold appetizer best enjoyed in a dip of vinegar. I am not a fan of this in general, but found it very palatable.

Stir fried spinach with garlic ~ something to freshen us up!

Stir fried Chinese rice cake with XO sauce and shredded pork ~ I loved the spongy texture of the rice cake but found it a little bland when paired with the XO sauce. The sauce tasted lovely but sadly, these flavours did not get absorbed into the rice cake.

Crab meat xiao long bao ~ thin, steamed pastry layer enclosing a teaspoon quantity of soup and a dainty portion of meat filling. Favourite dish that day - broth was warm and flavourful, meat was kept succulent.

Pan fried pork dumpling ~ I love the crispy texture of the pastry side that had rested on a heated pan. The meat was still very succulent despite the frying and even had half a teaspoon worth of broth in it. Yummy!

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