Thursday, August 13, 2015


Melbourne's Emporium shopping mall never fails to surprise me in every aspect be it for fashion, food and the general layout of the entire mall. Just about every Melbournian that I have spoken to claimed Emporium as their second home. Looks like I will be sharing my home with the entire population of Melbourne, ey?;)

A friend once told me that just about every cafe/ restaurant located in Emporium fare from good to excellent so regardless of where you choose to have a meal, you will not be disappointed.

As we were in a Vietnamese frenzy, the bunch of us mutually agreed to testing out the pho bo wagyu here - talk about leveling up on the pho scale! Once you had placed and paid for your order, you will be given a buzzer device that will notify you (in a not so discreet manner) when your order is ready. Pretty simple, yes?

Pork belly noodle salad ~ oh yummm every slice of meat was juicy and had the perfect amount of crackling attached. The assortment of vegetables had definitely freshened up the dish and if you want a bit more chilli kick, feel free to squeeze a few squirts of sriracha.

Pho bo wagyu ~ for $15, this could possibly be your most expensive bowl of pho yet. If you have a huge appetite, this is not for you. Whilst the wagyu meat was fresh, the broth could do with a bit more improvements. However, worth a try if you're not feeling excessively hungry!

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