Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dainty Fish and Grill Co, Clayton MELB

Alas, I managed to visit the 10th branch of the Dainty Sichuan empire that had newly opened in Clayton a few months ago. I was advised to make reservations prior to rocking up. Was I glad I did because that place got crowded after 7pm and the queue kept growing until a little after 8pm where it started to slow down.

Service is fast - you will be given an ordering sheet which has a few appetizers and mains listed. The restaurant's main attraction is their grilled fish concept. Pick the type of fish and the desired sauce to go with it.

Pricing of the fish is dependent on the type of the fish and size. Do be warned tho, just about every item on the menu is spicy and only differs by how spicy you would like it to be (1, 2 or 3 chillies).

Spicy diced chicken ~ we assumed our food may take awhile to be prepared and were surprised when our main came after our appetizer by at most 10 minutes. This plate of diced chicken was a little dry to my liking and the chicken bits were very similar in size to the dried chillies - be careful.

Milk tea - just what you need after a firey meal.

Murray cod with cumin, szechuan peppers and chilli - I feared that this dish would be too spicy for me (3 chilli rating) but am glad it was not too potent in terms of spiciness. The utilized grill is constantly heated by hot stones underneath it and so, the fish is kept consistently warm/ hot. Only downside to this was that the part of the fish facing the grill got stuck to it towards the end of the meal.

I would recommend ordering the mapo tofu or pickled greens version if spicy is not your thing but you still want to give this place a try. In sum, it does live up to the Dainty Sichuan concept and this is evident by the number of diners who came here that night.

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