Friday, July 29, 2016

Europe: La Grange, Lyon FRANCE

Updates on my trip to Europe has been delayed by a year due to numerous unforeseen circumstances and trust me when I say that I am trying to pick up the pace again. So bear with me while I traverse from jotting down Asian travel notes to gushing about my European espionage.

Lyon was on our day 3 plan to which, we arrived late afternoon and after checking into our hotel rooms, we made our way around Lyon's old town in search for traboules - a very interesting experience and one which I will have more detail on the blog soon.

Aside from Paris, Lyon was second on my foodie map because of its famed reputation as a gastronomical town. Truth be told, how many of us have heard of Lyonnaise cuisine? I, for one, am not aware of this until I started planning my trip.

After fumbling around the old town for an hour, we decided to grab a bite before it gets too late. There are a couple of streets near the river which are fully operated by restaurants and cafes (addressed as bouchons in France) should you require a break.

I love bread as much as the French and get excited with the constant top up of bread whenever we are down to the last piece. What better way to reward ourselves than a refreshing, chilled rose?

Salade Lyonnaise ~ for 20euros, the sister decided on a 3 course meal which includes your choice of appetizer, main and a dessert. This is a classic salad that has bits of bacon, croutons, crisp lettuce leaves and topped with a poached egg.

Quenelles lyonnaises ~ Lyon's favourite fish dumpling, served with a cheesy sauce and a small serve of rice. This was a piping hot main and one that you should not rush to finish..just like everything else in France;)

I would like to describe this dish as a piggy garden - cured meat in the form of salami and ham, served with a bowl of cheesy goodness that is, yes, filled with bits of chopped bacon. Oh my goodness me, this was a very hearty meal!

Tart au citron aka lemon tart ~ crust was a tad broken but aside from that, it did fulfill my sweet tooth craving:9

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