Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Plume Chinese, Doncaster MELB

Dim sum or commonly known as yum cha, is one of my favourite Chinese lunch time options that I crave for every now and then. A little tip I learnt in Melbourne is, where possible, make table reservations or be prepared to wait. So true especially at lunch time.

Chinese eateries are notorious for the lack of customer service but this was not the case at Plume - we were warmly greeted upon arrival and waiters/waitresses were prompt with our orders as well as at refilling our pot of tea. Oh the joys of not having to hunt down a waiting staff.

Har gaw aka prawn dumplings

Chee cheong fun aka rice pastry - A little more filling and sauce to go with it would improve the dish.

Congee - nothing beats a well prepared bowl of congee for me and this one ticked all the right boxes. Good seasoning, smooth textured porridge and garnished with the right amount of spring onions and deep fried crisps.

Barbequed pork buns - I never forgot to other these or the steamed version. Decent amount of filling in contrast to the width of the bun layer.

Fried radish cake

Steamed barbequed pork buns

Steamed glutinous rice

Egg tart - flaky, warm and smooth custard. Cannot ask for a better egg tart. Would have ordered another plate of it but was already too full at this point ;)

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