Monday, July 10, 2017

Chiquito & Co, Fitzroy MELB

New kids on the block, Chiquito & Co, were kind enough to host a sinful night for us hungry foodies and gave us a sneaky peek at what finger licking goodies they had to offer. Revolving around an American inspired burger joint, owner Jenny and Robby definitely have big shoes to fill in order to set them apart from the crowd.

First up, we were served with refreshingly good lemonade and raspberry and mint soda, perfect for cleansing one's palate, especially after a few rounds of oily goodness. Mind you, one does not come to a burger place expecting to still remain a diet purist so drop the celery and carrot sticks and stop teasing yourself.

Cheesy popcorn chicken and haloumi fries - side dishes at burger joints are the best post-gym/ reward treats in the world. Generous amounts of cheesy sauce drizzled all over the chicken and the haloumi fries were definitely crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Doubt I would be able to finish more than a piece of haloumi but perhaps, if I was really hungry.

Southern fried chicken wings - be warned, this came extremely hot at our table so be cautious not to bite into it too soon. Crispy and succulent they were, best consumed as soon as they cooled down a little, nothing more.

Burgers burgers burgers. Look at how amazingly vibrant the colours are and were they craving out for attention or what.

I have ordered the Crab Shack for myself whilst D had the Tribute to Bacon Bacon Bacon. Crab Shack consisted of crispy soft shell crab, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli and sriracha all in a charcoal bun. Bacon burger was a traditional beef burger but with a double dose of bacon, cheddar, lettuce and pickles, given a good dose of baconaise and smoked ketchup.

I prefer lighter burgers in general and found the crab burger relatively easy to eat. D, being a male, would not settle for anything less than meaty perfection. All in, both burgers were made with utmost attention to detail in flavour and were finished in no time by us two hungry monsters:)

Chips, sour cream and sweet chilli fries and cheesy mac and bacon. At this point, all of us were almost filled to the brim and decided to pace ourselves slower.

ChiqShakes ferrero rocher and pavlova - when you think fatty goodness could not have gotten any better, this would be what sweet lovers dream about. Only managed a small bit at this stage but if you do rock up here hungry or in need of some comfort food, look no further.

Smores dessert sundae - again, a delicious little number that I could only manage a small bite, being too full from the burgers and sides served earlier. I would imagine this to be quite a popular item, especially in summer.

Their frozen custard is pretty solid and also available on the menu are mix in options for diners to choose from be it something along the lines of fruit, biscuits, chocolates or gooey marshmallow softness. I actually preferred the vanilla flavour, being that it was actually quite refreshing and mutual tasting so it paired easily with other types of mix ins.

Overall, the bunch of us had an extremely satisfying night, all thanks to Jenny And Robby for their kind hospitality despite having to accommodate other customers. May not be my last visit here and who knows what these guys might have in store for the future;)

p.s: checkout their Instagram or Facebook page for weekly specials :p

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