Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hudadak, Clayton MELB

Having lived in Glen Waverley for more than 2 years, I do get excited at the idea of feeding myself in a different suburb. Might get lucky and find a hidden gem before the paparazzi takes over.

Also worthwhile to find a place that is convenient for having long conversations with a long lost friend. Lost would best describe this particular friend of mine.

Service is rather efficient in this small eatery and food arrived at our table in good time after placing our order.

Seafood pancake - would have liked a little more seafood bits in it tho. Not the prettiest looking pancake in the neighbourhood but it does taste decent.

Bulgogi stew - to accommodate my non-spicy companions, I made the executive decision of ordering this dish. Filled with an assortment of vegetables, the only let down was that the stew "bowl" was not actually a bowl but rather, a pan. Henceforth, we didn't get much broth in the stew due to the flat design of the "bowl" it was difficult to scoop out the broth without creating a mess.

Fried chicken - Hudadak was no exception to this new trend taking over many Korean eateries in Melbourne. Chicken was not covered in grease, a common error from most restaurants, and it was freshly fried to order. Would have liked it to be a little more crispy but still good nonetheless.

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