Monday, January 24, 2011

Home 7: The day before tomorrow

As the countdown day approaches, I seem to be pigging out more on snacks as well as during meal times. Haha. My diet regimen just flew out of the window before I realized what was I chewingxD

Honey stars~ honey coated cereal for nibbling on while watching tv or when reading:)

Cny treat~ kuih ka pek!! Am also craving for pineapple cookies, peanut cookies:(

Cny treat~ vegetarian dish with mushrooms, black fungus, glass noodles and a whole lot of other stuff (of which I have no idea what's it called)

Cny sausages and salted duck~ Arrowhead potato slices, duck sausage (red), liver sausage (black) and salted duck^^

Coffee swiss rollcake~ not too bad but I prefer strawberry jam instead;)

Curry maggi mee with egg~my lunch!:D

I'm still stuck with packing my luggages. My handcarry luggage is approximately 8kg? Should I be concerned? =/

Last Malaysian post of the year. Will be taking off at 9.45pm tomorrow. Wish me luck back there and hopefully the weather's not too dreadful=x

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