Sunday, January 16, 2011

Out and about 7: Taman Sri Sinar

Firstly, a bit of spoiler before commenting about the actual post:P Keep reading peeps!^^

Dad's mushroom gravy noodles with added scallop piecesxP Nice 1am dinner/supper!:D

Okok, back to the main theme of this post. Parents decided to revisit my teen-hood coffee shop which we frequently go to every sunday afternoon. The coffee shop's located at Taman Sri Sinar but more specifically, along a much older looking row of establishments. Customers can choose to have either wanton mee, curry noodles or pau for lunch. A chinese western food stall used to operate during lunch hours but permanently closed during my 2nd year. May be due to lack of customers or just plain laziness><

Curry soup noodles with an assorted array of fried pieces and a dollop of sambal for extra kicks, MYR4.50~ the broth is thick and creamy but not excessively spicy.

Hokkien and bihun noodles~ the perfect combination.

Taufu pok with a bit of fish paste~ works like a sponge, absorbing all the lovely curry flavoursxD

Fu chuks~
A piece of deep fried fish paste~overall, the entire meal was weight gain-worthy^^

Chinese New Year cookies for sale at a nearby bakery~ everyone seems to be hyped on welcoming the rabbit year. Hopefully it'll be a prosperous and memorable year:)

More cookies to tantalize your imaginationxD

Wong tong pheang~ known as brown sugar (gula melaka) biscuit. It's slightly larger than a tambun biscuit. Unlike the signature fragrance of tambun biscuit, this biscuit is known for it's chewy, sweet gula melaka filling. Sadly, this batch of biscuits weren't the freshest bunch I've eaten but out of desperation....=/


Will be heading out to midvalley (again) tomorrow with mum for some cny shopping..although I wanna go pyramid or pavillion or 1Utama..hmmm...i need a driver=.="

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