Friday, January 7, 2011

Out and about: Dai chau!

Dai chau in cantonese means "big fry" (according to daddyxD) and as much as I can google it out, I would assume that it's only applicable in Malaysia? When one mentions dai chau, he/she is referring to eating at restaurants where good portions of food are served at reasonable prices..nothing too fancy for the average Malaysian at heart;)

My visits to dai chau outlets would usually include ordering either wa tan hor, fukien mee, claypot yee mee or Chinese fried rice followed by sweet and sour pork, braised tofu, deep fried squid or har ko. I personally love assorted yam basket and lou shu fan:)

Wa tan hor~my parents favourite:)

A proper picture of the noodles with less gravy~

Fukien mee~my sister's favourite (just too bad she's not here hahaha)

Deep fried squid~my brother's all time accompanied with some sweet chilli sauce:)

Fried fish with braised tofu~haha..the fish was nicely cooked but I'm more of a tofu personxD

Tofu, fungus pieces, baby corn, cauliflowers, mushrooms~the works hehe:)

Generous portions, tasty food, affordable prices..the good life!!^^


Albert said...

OOOhooo! time for someone to come subang to try the tai chou here. hehe

Michelle said...

Hahaha..i think subang's one is cheaper izzit? This whole meal costs around rm75 inclusive of tea charges. Hahaha. Recommend me some dishes la or take me go full house>:]

Albert said...

waaaaoo thats a lil ex. hmmm i'll bring u somewhere where all in rm50. hehe full hse is western,love the chicken chop and soup there, the set lunch is really worth it!

Michelle said...

Kkies let's gogo..wanna do a review on full house:) Hehehehe..must camwhore(*w*)