Friday, January 14, 2011

Out and about: Love is blind

Spent 3 hours in midvalley trying to complete my to-buy-list and sadly, didnt get ANYTHING accomplished. Yes, I'm that hopeless at shopping alone..think I'm too used to having someone around to hype me up for my therapy spree><

So I started out with metrojaya and I quite like some of the items on sale (although not really on my to-buy list) but yes, it was worth a try. I like the type of materials used as well as the workmanship embedded in each piece.

Cotton baby blue spaghetti top with intrinsic lace embroidery, MYR30, from Somerset Bay

Silk qipao with detailed tailoring, MYR130 from Somerset Bay

Trivial fact: I used to wear Somerset's clothes when I was much youngerxD

Carlo Rino's latest handbag edition~very cute with a touch of gold colour:)

Canton-i, Midvalley city

Simple but well prepared local favourite dishes. Prices range from MYR11- MYR20 depending on how much add ons included. Friendly staff and lovely ambience, perfect for enjoying a peaceful lunch meal:)

Pink menu!!:D

Oriental deco~

Soy sauce, pepper and pickled green chillis~must haves for wanton noodles!:)

Egg tarts~ho chiak! Freshly made and sufficiently sweet, but I have no idea what's the coriander leaf for lolxD

Poached vegetables~wished they could have prepared bite size stems as the ones served was too big for my liking:(

Char siew~ nice but am clueless about the peanutsx)

Wanton soup noodles with Canton-i speciality prawn dumplings~ dumplings were crisp yet succulent and the soup tasted just right:)

Dry wanton noodles served with roast duck leg~ Duck tasted superb as well!:)

Water chestnut soup~err...not exactly my favourite so no comments:)

The bill~retarded service charge + gov tax = MYR12 = workers' income? One of Msians many quirks..makes no sense to me.

Zen by Secret Recipe, Midvalley city

Met up with a high school buddy at 4.30pm and headed here as she was craving for a snack (and me for my cheesecake desire@w@). This outlet is about 90% similar to Secret Recipe except for a few types of desserts such as the chocolate log and passionfruit bombe:)

Yes, I still need to practice my one handed camwhoring with Galaxy=.=

American cheesecake, MYR7~yummilicious, enough said:)

Attached below are a few camwhoring pics of the day. Will post more up in the future. As per said, I need to be more hype prior to shopping (more inspirations etc etcxD)

Mokbie's singapore AIX sweater~ kinda looks like AY to me at certain angles hehe. Bring it on autumn/winter 11>=] My first grey item! HahahaxD Xiexie mokbie^^

Zara black striped knitted jumper~a little large for me but heck, all the better for layering. Omgosh! I think I need to stop going crazy for autumn/winter stuff but I cant help it! Its so much more cheaper here compared to aus. Love TTM!!^^ Was craving for this blood red zara cardigan (MYR69) but didnt have time to try it on..hmmm, perhaps its a blessing in disguise? Okok, I'll stop with my winter hunting (composes a spring/summer listxD)

White tube top with denim flare skirt from Nichii~yes, I was jobless and should have did some camwhoring in MNG or Zara while I had the chance=.=

Denim romper from Nichii~ am still looking for a more fitting romper so that my hips dunt look so chubby><

Ohhh...ohhhh!!Saranghae!! Prom dress from BCBGMAXAZARIA, initially going for MYR2,069 and now selling at MYR650 (70% off most of the items on sale)..soo dreamy but still beyond my budget **sobs** Am allocating about MRY250 (maximum!) for a prom dress..hopefully can find THE ONE before I head back to Adelaide><
Love love love love (infinity) the material and craftmanship. Not easily scrunched/damaged and has an inner corset lining to enhance one's figure. Beautiful, magical, enchanting, mysterious..although I would have prefer a studded diamond look instead of a bejewelled look, this item is just too perfect for prom*sighs* ><

Overall, I had heaps of fun catching up with my lovely peeps today as well as "travelling" around Midvalley. Hopefully I don't have to be so frugal after I graduate and then my "dream" will come true:') **prays hard**

Am looking forward to my next adventure!^^

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