Thursday, November 22, 2012

1918 Bistro and Grill

Staying up here in Barossa can be tricky at times, especially when you are in search of somewhere fancy to dine for dinner. I can be seen constantly researching on the internet when I should really be burying myself under all my pharmacy books.

Conveniently located at Tanunda, it was an easy drive to this restaurant. It was not busy when we arrived but if you do intend on rocking up with a large group of diners or if it's nearing the peak business season (like Christmas or New Year's day), I would recommend you to book well ahead.

The restaurant's decor does have a vintage feel to it and it set the mood for a light and easy dinner time.

Freshly baked bread with house made parmesan oil~ I can never say no to having bread at any restaurant. The bread was generously sliced for diners and it was a fluffy treat to get our appetites ready for the other dishes.

Soup of the day~ a pork broth infused with Asian ingredients. Rather than being thick and creamy which can  easily fill one's belly up prior to the mains, this light soup was an ideal appetizer.

Fried potato gnocchi, cauliflower, pear and tallegio, hazelnut, caper and raisin dressing~ If you follow my blog, you would know how much I love potatoes, especially in the form of gnocchi. Having attempted to make it myself, I knew it was not an easy feat to accomplish but once it's done right, it is a crowd pleaser. This vegetarian entree may look a little excessive. Trust me, it's not. The gnocchi pieces were not dense and the addition of hazelnuts gave this dish a nice crunch factor.

Scallops~ most of the main meal options offered carnivour-ish choices and we were lucky enough to be order a seafood dish, which proved to be a good choice, considering that I have ordered myself grilled steak and could not have finished it myself. Fresh and well-prepared scallops can never go wrong.

Grilled MSA steak, onion confit, roasted roma tomatoes, watercress and salsa verde~ The steak was done to my preference (medium-rare) and I like how the acidity from the tomatoes blends well with the sweetness of the onion confit.

Roasted field mushrooms, garlic, parsley and lemon~ juicy and fat mushrooms with a hint of citrus flavours.

Fries with garlic aioli~ this would be the first time I have actually ordered fries at a restaurant. Have never done it before but might consider ordering it again if it was as tasty as the ones shown in the picture!

1918 chocolate truffles and petite fours~ panna cotta, churros, white chocolate semi-freddo and chocolate truffles. A bit of everything to end the meal.

Lemon cheesecake mousse, sable biscuit, lemon curd, mint granita and crispy citrus peel~ deconstructed cheesecake and ice cream. Mint granita was not overly intense in flavours (which may be offsetting for some) and cheesecake mousse was a lemon-y treat indeed!

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