Monday, November 19, 2012


As a child, I would follow my dad to the market on a weekly basis for some fresh groceries for the following week. Whilst the markets in Malaysia are classified as wet, loud and extremely crowded, the central market in Adelaide isn't as bad although it can get crowded during peak trading hours.

I like looking at how people interact in the market and it was certainly an excellent opportunity to expose myself to varies types of raw ingredients available. But the best part would always when one enters the hawker food galore at the end of the market! You know you're in for a treat when you have been obedient throughout the day. My eyes would feast on all the colourful traditional cakes and steamed buns displayed. I can even choose what I would like to have for my afternoon tea! Was I a fat kid back then or what?:)

Although Adelaide's market doesn't offer the same Malaysian fare that I am used to, there is still a decent selection of freshly baked buns, pastries and breakfast shops opened for the early morning birds out there.

It was barely 10am and the atmosphere was already beginning to get intense. We quickly decided on having breakfast at Lucia and struggled to squeeze ourselves to our table.


Big breakfast~ poached eggs, bacon slices, sauteed mushrooms, toasted bread and a dollop of chunky tomato sauce. Not as heavy as my previous breakfast meals but sufficient to keep me fueled throughout the day.

Croissant with ham and cheese~ Not exactly croissant like in terms of appearance but it did have those carefully constructed pastry layers that gets me squirming with excitement.Can't go wrong with the ham and cheese combination!:)

Now back to some serious marketing against those crazy bargain hunters!! Wish me luck!!

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