Monday, November 5, 2012

Cafe Kowloon

Chinese food at Chinatown are usually wallet-friendly and suitable for accommodating larger groups of diners. I have heard variable reviews on a few Chinese restaurants on Gouger Street but I guess I must be a really stubborn and thick-skinned individual (either that or I am extremely adaptable to arrogance hehe).

Steamed barramundi in ginger and shallots~ I like having fresh fish for special occassions:)

Creamy egg white~ one of my favourites. Have no idea how the chef creates that smooth and creamy egg consistency and it goes well with the dark coloured vinegar sauce.

Eggplant in salted fish hot pot~ Another favourite to have on cold, winter days because the hot pot practically stores the heat and slowly releases it over a prolonged period of time. This keeps the food warm for some time:)

String beans in XO sauce~ can't go wrong with this.

Steamed tofu with minced prawn fillings and a seafood-based sauce~ apologies as I don't remember the exact name of this dish. It is a delicious item but a tad tedious to order as not all the waiting staff know about it!!

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