Monday, November 26, 2012

Chloe's Restaurant and Function Centre

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been sneaking myself into fine dining restaurants, an affair that my past personality would not have approved of, considering the amount of funds needed to support this new ambition. Nevertheless, I do take every opportunity to spoil myself silly, especially after receiving good news about my pre-registration exams.

Upon entry, I sensed a tinge of curiousity being aroused. I quickly scanned all the certificates that were neatly hung on the wall as I busily snapped a few pictures of the entrance area. Just a few seconds after we stepped on the ruby red carpet, a waiter approached us and guided us to our designated seats. The waiters in the restaurant reminded me of house butlers, always tidy, courteous and friendly.

We were fortunate to get a glimpse of sunlight before sunset as it allowed me to snap away at the intricate house furniture.

We opted for the degustation menu which accommodates a range of smaller sized meals, enabling one to taste a few of the chef's specialties.

House bread~ lightly dusted with flour, this piece of bread was still warm on the inside, a perfect companion for the cold, solidified butter as it made spreading the butter on the bread much more simplified.

I opted for the parmesan house bread, of which, had a nice cheesy crust on the outside and yet, still retained its risen-dough texture from the yeast's fermentation process.

Cauliflower Bavarian with seared scallops and Avruga caviar, roasted pear and spring onion salad~ at most fine dining restaurants, you can be assured that food quality would never be compromised. The scallop was fresh and not overcooked, puree was not grainy in texture and all the individual components on the plate complemented each other well.

Kangaroo Island marron with pan-fried potato terrine, crispy duck skin salad and jus gras~ The marron can be easily removed from it's shell and tucked in the empty spaces in the shell laid the potato terrine. I love potatoes alot, especially when it's well prepared. The crispy duck skin pieces was an interesting texture addition to the smooth and creamy potato terrine. A recommended dish, in my opinion.

We were then given abit of mint-flavoured gelato to prep our palates for the oncoming main dishes.

Crispy skin duck breast and Sichuan leg sausage, pickled melon saute kalian and toasted rice~ I don't eat a lot of duck but when I do, I rarely find myself disappointed. The flesh was nicely cooked on the outside but still preserving its moisture. The pickled fruit and vegetables were a unique addition to the plate, mainly because I rarely get pickled items on my plate. Nevertheless, the sweet acidity from the fruit and kalian went well with the more robust flavoured duck.

Salt bush lamb porterhouse with roasted breast, eggplant caviar and goats milk beignet~ succulent lamb cut which is encrusted with a moderate layer of fat which was not only juicy but delicious. The eggplant caviar and goats milk beignet integrated well with the lamb flesh and did not attempt to overshadow the lamb's taste.

Chocolate tart with cream and macerated fruit~ the tart was not thick nor overly creamy but instead, airy and well-balanced when consumed with the right amount of cream and fruit. I did not feel any sort of guilt after polishing off my plate.

Degustation diners do have a choice of either coffee, tea or hot chocolate to help them mellow down after embracing a culinary adventure at Chloe's.

Petit fours~ chocolate truffles, jelly and chocolate mousse. Slightly sweet white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate truffles, finished off with an almost clear jelly cube.

Overall, the entire experience was definitely a pleasant one as the introduction of each dish arrived in a timely manner and the waiters are very attentive towards their guests, making every effort to ensure a welcoming and delightful dinner treat.

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