Monday, November 12, 2012

Eggless in november

Last week was intense. Not only were my examination results due, but I was consistently exercising on a daily basis for at least an hour. To top it off, I had to spend an extra day at work to cover someone's shift. Not that I am complaining about all these. It did gave me a reasonable alibi to have some sweets with my sister. I like to have my weekly dose of cake (and eat it too!!)

Eggless is an old favourite of mine. During my uni days, I would patiently wait at the bus stop (imagine those wet and cold nights!!) for a ride to Eggless and by the time I got home, it would be close to midnight. Skipping a few lunch meals just to save up for a feast here was a common feat of mine.

What I love most about Eggless is the comfort food provided. Nothing pretentious or overly complicated about the cakes, tarts, puddings and panna cottas available. I have nothing against elaborately constructed desserts but I do like my simple, homemade cakes, something I am familiar with from my hometown.

Eggless's chefs/ bakers constantly change their menu on a monthly basis which is a challenging task because you can run out of ideas! Thankfully, they have been pretty consistent with their dessert quality despite the variations in terms of flavours.

Chocolate and mint cheesecake~ I miss a good cheesecake and this one did fill the empty void inside of me. Wasn't overly sweet as the dark chocolate ganache managed to balance everything out.

Banoffee cream pie~ just enough to keep me satisfied for the night. Would like a bit more pastry to nibble on but I'm still a happy diner:)

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